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Compete in our capture-the-flag style game and test out your skills. Using Linux, command line, git/version control, SQL/databases, encryption, and more you'll unlock new challenges and earn badges along the way. Complete all 15 levels for your chance to win the ultimate prize (with bragging rights, of course) — a $2000 scholarship to study computer science here at LSU.

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What are the dates for the Code It Up Challenge?

Check back for future dates

What is the scholarship?

The scholarship is awarded to incoming freshman of the appropriate school term. The winners will receive the following: 1st Place: $2,000, 2nd Place: $1,000 and 3rd Place: $500

How many levels are there?

We change up the levels for each challenge. For this one, we’ve added 5 more levels for a total of 15.

How many winners are there?

There will be three overall winners.

Who can play?

Anyone can play, but the scholarship can only be received once the winner has enrolled in computer science at LSU. A current LSU student cannot win the scholarship. For that reason, the game is primarily targeted at high school students.

How do I know if I won?

Once you join, you will be added to our email list. We will be sending regular correspondence. At the end of the Challenge, we’ll determine the winners and let him/her know via email.

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