Coding It Up: Sarah Baldwin

by Morgan Kastner

Sarah Baldwin, a 2016 LSU graduate, switched her major from English to computer science with a little background knowledge and a big leap of faith. Drawn to the connectivity, interaction, innovation and creativity of computer science, Baldwin says she soon found out she was exactly where she was meant to be. Participating in classes like discrete structures and software systems development pushed her to think creatively and find new ways to solve problems, she says.

Baldwin says this emphasis on solving problems in the classroom led her to seek solutions to broader issues she saw within her own major. Noticing a lack of women in the computer science discipline, Baldwin co-founded the organization Women in Computer Science to create a supportive environment for female computer science majors to learn and grow from each other. Constructing a space for the professional and academic development of women in the field helped increased the retention rate of women in LSU’s computer science program, Baldwin says.

Baldwin says her involvement with WICS and success in the classroom gave way to many opportunities on campus, including an undergraduate research position with the Tangible Visualization Lab at LSU’s Center for Computation and Technology to study human-computer interaction. Baldwin explains HCI as the design and development of the user experience and user interfaces and how they interact with computers and similar devices. This research is used to improve user experience.

Baldwin says she looks forward to the limitless possibilities of computer science, and she hopes to take the knowledge and skills she learned from LSU’s College of Engineering and use them to build a better future.

Learn more about how Sarah is Coding It Up.

Coding It Up: Sarah Baldwin //

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